Thursday, April 27, 2006

Been a while...

Whoa, February? I almost forgot that I had this thing.

So came past my 19th birthday - wasn't too bad but I chose for it to be that way - on the 11th April.

But as they say, for every good time you have, there's always a bad one. On the 16th April, my pet dog had a fit that gave everyone a scare. So much of a scare in fact, that it rediced everyone to ears. My mum was crying, and she said to me as I came in the room, "She's dying!". My parents made a decision to have my dear dog Sandy taken to the vets to be put down.

Then came a miracle. I heard the care come back as I was running though all the memories of having Sandy around, and out came Sandy! As well as my parents. Mum said that by the time they came to the vets, Sandy recovered from her state of ill mentality.

But the miracle didn't last. Three days later, Sandy had to be put down for good. Below is a short video of the very last time I saw my dog before the car door closed and my parents drove her away [that is my voice BTW]...

It was a saddening time for all of us.

The next day however, a shine of light came as dad brought home a new puppy - a Jack Russell and Cairn terrier cross that we called Jessie. She seems to have a 'Scrappy Doo' personality - not afraid of anyone, although she does get scared when she hears a loud noise. And by god she don't half bite when she's hyperactive. Just today I got a small bite mark on my arm that bled...I do hope she gets over that as she grows up.

She does however have the CUTEST face when she's not so hyper, and more sleepy. A lovely little dog if you will...