Friday, August 21, 2009

Background studies oh joy

I'm still doing background studies, both videogame and real life/photo inspired alike.

Obviously judging by the Ray gnomes, this is Rayman 3 inspired, though the aims here were to build up layers of colour among pencil lines. Not sure I like the way I tried to apply detail, but I do like how it's almost like it's night time in the Fairy Council, just like in the game. Not forgetting that there's also light coming from the window; maybe next time I'll add little fairies.

Almost a month back I did something similar, based on a trip I took years ago when I was at college.

Here, not only did I try to experiment with light pencil lines, I also tried the splatter technique, something I actually don't use often because well, not so easy to mask this paper with masking fluid so I had to use paper. Man, this was such a boring place, all we ever did was poke a dead fish that got washed up on the beach; shame I lost the photos I had of it. What I do like here is the bushes - the colours used for that were just a mix of viridian and Payne's grey. It's amazing how many more colours can be made by mixing, something I do practice a lot.

I still have some unfinished scenes to finish.