Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Post #1

Because my art blog needed updating.

I think I'll start off with these scrappies I did for my sister at least 3 years back. You see, there's this guy who presents the CBeebies show 'Tikkabilla', and the BBC Schools programmes 'Words & Pictures Plus' and 'The Song Catcher', and we thought he was the best voice ever! His name is Paul Ewing, and he has some kind of weird Cornish's so unique, we love it! So together we came up with some weird portrayal of him we like to call 'What Paul Ewing is like when he's not on Tikkabilla', where basically he's a nutcase who thinks potatoes are 'dodo eggs'...we come up with such weird things, me and Carla...

Beside that is another picture I did for her in 2003, basically loads of craptastic Squidward drawings. Carla really liked him at the time, because she loves miserable, grouchy characters like Ren Hoek and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. I also did a drawing of Smithers from the Simpsons earlier for her, which is beside the collage above the Paul drawing but not viewable in this photo, again she liked him at the time. Her room walls are covered ENTIRELY with posters, magazine cutouts and the like...

Oh yeah, I was about to forget...yesterday I spend about £17 in Hobbycraft buying new art materials, like watercolour paper, a graphite stick, some black ink and some white acrylic is the latter beautiful? I tried it out on my latest Count Duckula fanart...and well, what can I say? I think I should get more of these acrylic inks when I can afford them - they cost about £4.50 a bottle! This stuff is really opaque in white, so I painted the moon with it.

Materials used in this: watercolour, Faber-castell PITTs, Copic Marker, FW acrylic ink, W&N black ink, Cotman coldpressed paper [again beautiful stuff, but costing me at least £5].