Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm just gonna spit it out

Am I getting good at facial anatomy yet?

Now for the one thing that's eating me up right now. For a few months I've been thinking about coming with an old college friend to the MCM expo in London after we had a chat about it on MSN and she said, "come with us sometime". I was thinking of cosplaying as Penny Crygor from the Warioware games, but I didn't really put much effort in looking for costume parts so if I do go then I'm just gonna dress ordinarily. I told my mum that we've been on trips before and that it's like a comics, movies and media con and at the moment she seems OK with it.

There's the next worry, having the money for it. I still haven't started my job at the library because now they're saying they're refurbishing the library I'm working at, and at this rate there's no way I'm getting my first wages until very late in the year, so any money I get from my incapacity benefit [I get no more than £20 a fortnight from that] or that I get given, I'm trying to save for if I do go. I never get to go out anywhere so why should I miss out on anything?

Other than that, I'm due for an MRI scan tomorrow, at least I don't have to pay for that. For the last month I've had to see doctors about how I'm being affected by Asperger's physically and so far, so good. The neurology doctor bangs me on the knees and such, then I have a blood test, and now that. Not sure what's next after that.