Friday, January 25, 2008

Bye Bye Wartie

A mere two hours ago, I had my first ever operation. A simple procedure that took only ten minutes, in which I had a big wart taken off of my ankle. I had the thing for several years, and only recently it had become problematic because it looked like it was going to fall off, and whenever I got dressed and that, it'd catch it and sting.

Basically, it looked like this.

And after I had the op...

... I had three stitches, and I'll have to come back next week to have them taken out. Because of these I'm not sure on whether or not I should go to work or not since one of my only means of getting there is by walking. If anything is not right by Monday I'll give them a call. So why am I posting this? Well, because this blog is also about my real life experiences, and that was quite an experience to me since I never had any operation in my entire life. Besides, this blog needs an update anyway.

It started with the usual iodine application they do, and a local anaesthetic near the wart. I'm not really one for needles, so there I just took deep breaths, and that was over. All I could feel then was the doctor and nurse pulling the skin about and make the stitches, and after about ten minutes as I said, it was done. I couldn't put my shoe back on though, so I had to limp about with half of my sock on my toes. Maybe I should have brought a slipper. Oh well.

At least now, I won't have anyone being grossed out by the "thing on my ankle" anymore, neither would I worry about my clothes catching it. All I'm worried about now is how I'm going to shower with that dressing on...