Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday we had quite a blanket of snow.

Above here is a rather rubbish attempt at joining a panoramic of nearby park which I went down yesterday morning to take some snow shots. Snow really doesn't last long in this part of the country, so I thought I'd might as well go and make the most of it while my other was away. Trouble is though while there were some things I really wanted to photograph, my camera had run out of battery.

So I ended up walking over the place hoping for the camera to gain a little bit of energy back. I then stopped and looked over at the brook under the bridge, watching its gentle flow below me. After that, my camera was still flat so I decided to go to the empty basketball course and build a snow Duckula [see my Duckula blog for more on that]. Oh boy. As I didn't have gloves on my hands were so cold that I couldn't turn my front door key to open the front door.

I'm surprised that I didn't get ill after all this.

Oh, and I got another commission the other day.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I got my first commission today. Ever. I'm so happy! And guess what, it's not FANART! This is most an exciting new challenge for me.

Otherwise, last night I decided to sort everything to do with all my games, DVDs, CDs etc out. While I was doing that, I got out my old Dreamcast. Tell the truth I have two - one broke down so I had to get another. But believe it or not, after at least two years of being stuck in that dusty old wardrobe, it still works! All I'd probably need now is a nice new packet of button cell batteries for the Dreamcast's VMU so I can play Chao Adventure.

Yes, that's right, I've been playing Sonic Adventure again, for the first time in several years. Putting the disc in the console feels just like it's Christmas 1999 again. I used to play this so much I even managed to get all 130 emblems. I used to think I was such a hardcore gamer because of that, and getting millions of points in one round of Columns. Nowadays it's not so much like that. Hell, I even died on the first level of Sonic Adventure while playing it yesterday!

So many memories...and I've yet to start all over with Rayman 1 on PSOne! It's funny how we use things a lot when we first buy them and then leave them to collect dust on a shelf.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Changes and that

First off, if anyone out here's got me in their RSS, sorry about the crazy posting. I've decided to merge my personal blog [Robocoddess] into this one, so I can post both personal stuff and art here. That eventually meant the termination of Robocoddess sadly. I've decided to look into this layout's code as well and changed a few colours, fancy stuff may follow soon.

Far as the real life is concerned, well my sister and her boyfriend came down for the weekend, because tomorrow she's turning 21. It was my mother's birthday yesterday, so what better time to celebrate? Well it wasn't much more than a not-so-posh buffet thing. Didn't eat much other than the cake. And for some reason, I was eating pineapple when my tounge went all tingly and horrible...kind of worse than what tomatoes do. I'm still feeling it a tiny little bit. Man, never reacted this badly to pineapple before!

Friday, January 12, 2007

First art of 2007

Allow me to show you the first major fan artwork I made in 2007.

This is based on the 1987 CMTB cartoon "Stoppit and Tidyup", something I couldn't really remember seeing until very recently. After watching all of this and the studio's previous work, "The Trap Door" [I bought the DVD yesterday], I actually like this a little bit more. For something that looks like 'cutout' animation I thought it was very well animated. I love the weird voices as well, especially Tidyup's [well, if you call those 'voices' that is], along side Terry Wogan being the narrator.

This artwork made use of my gouache paints which I hadn't touched in more than two years, along with my usual watercolours and black and white ink. Also used Karisma pencils for the outlines. Might not look so 'official' here because I made it from memory in my sister's room, and man did it give me a backache or what? Took me a total of four hours.

Believe it or not, the CMTB cartoon I remember most is "Bump the Elephant". I can never get over that theme tune, so I'll be leaving while singing it in a retarded manner.


My ears are literally on fire. It's no fun being a music fan and having earphones constantly plugged in each day therefore causing ear infections. I've been getting these in both ears for almost two years now. It's funny, ever since my right one became deaf it's been more prone to getting infected than it did before then.

The weather here's been rather mad too. Yesterday I went down to town to get presents and cards for my mother and sister, whose birthdays are within the next 4 days. The wind was terrible, and the second I walked out of the door, I yelled "Jesus Christ!" while rain was splashing all over me. Still, I got to the bus stop, and it was a good thing I had enough pound coins! The bus fares have shot up to two pounds now, and on my way home I went on the wrong bus! Gah!

Well it's still very windy out there right now. A surefire way to keep me from sleeping, along with both my parents having televisions on.

The next week should be slightly different, what with all the birthdays and all. I hope my sister likes the card I drew for her before Christmas.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I think I can hear my dog crying again.

My little mutt had her womb and ovaries removed on Friday, and at times she has to wear one of those cone collars...well, she doesn't even like having ANY collar on, let alone a veterinary one. All she does when she wears it is cry for the attention to have it taken off. She only has to wear it for eight days from now.

Man...if anything, I could really do with a total rearrangement in my room, now that I have it for my own. I have SO much stuff - CDs, games, VHSs, DVDs, books and magazines etc - yet I just don't know where to put it all! For the moment I've shoved all my VHSs under my bed, moved my little table nearer to the window where the lightbulb actually is, and made just a start in cleaning up my wardrobe. I'd love to have a nice new working desk to make my artwork on, and maybe some more shelves to store all my old sketchbooks in.

Oh I've been listening to Enya an awful lot in recent days. It's such beautiful music I couldn't leave my iPod alone, hehehe. I bought the Watermark album last week - the one with the ever classic Orinoco Flow - but the Memory of Trees album which a friend sent me on Christmas Day is my absolute favourite, next to the Celts which I downloaded. I just love the haunting vocals and the ambience, and how they're sung in all kinds of languages [including made-up ones]. Makes a change to the heavy symphonic metal I used to listen to I suppose.

I'm after a number of DVDs as well, such as Trap Door, SpongeBob SquarePants season 2, and Look Around You 2, and looking forward to the future releases of Ducktales and Count Duckula season 2.

I'm hungry. I'd whip myself a nice spring onion sandwich, but I used my last one!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today I had the weirdest drink ever. It was a mix of celery, lime, cucumber and orange. Apple and cucumber I've tried once before, which I actually really liked, but this one didn't deliver the good. Celery just doesn't taste good as a vegetable, let alone a juice. Good job I only bought a small one this time...

While we're still on about fruit and veg, I tried a rather sexy one last weekend - a dragon fruit. I was in Tescos walking around and I saw one and thought "I've heard about these, but never have I seen one in a shop before". It was bright pink with green...flappy leaf things, but costed £1.89, but I bought it anyway. When I got home and cut it up, the rim was the brightest magenta pink I've ever seen in a fruit! As for the inside, it's white with lots of tiny black seeds. Tasted like kiwi, but less acidic.

You know, ever since I got my iPod nano for Christmas, which I love very, VERY much, I've been trying to fill it up to the brim as much as I could. That meant buying AND downloading Enya albums, digging through the MP3s on my PC and going through all my collection of old trance CDs. I ended up with nearly 400 tracks so far, ranging from my Nightwish collection to a bunch of videogame music I downloaded somewhere, such as that from Maple Story and the Neverhood. I miss both games. Maple Story I uninstalled because I absolutely HATE its community, and the Neverhood actually stopped working for me. Oh well.

Oh I've been listening to Enya WAY too much lately. As in, at almost all times, including when I go to bed and try to get to sleep by listening to it. It's such nice music I couldn't get enough of it since Christmas...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Wow, 2007 already

Really and truly I should be updating this more. There was hardly anything worth noting here throughout 2006, so hopefully this year will be more interesting.

Changed the colours to that of the Count Duckula blog so this one can go alongside as a sort of "general life" blog. Of course I have Livejournal and Deviantart, but there I just make short ramblings, hehe. Perhaps now that I know quite a bit of CSS and HMTL I should go and really pimp them all up.

Well today I seem to look more ill than everybody else here, and I haven't even touched just one drop of alcohol! Mind, it's only because I was up till about half past three last night and I ended up waking almost two hours ago. Sucks to be StaceyW I suppose. Those "disco lights" and the loud music downstairs were doing my head right in.

I think in recent times my body and mind have spiralled out of control, and really and truly I should do something about it. Getting to sleep is literally a nightmare in itself and my skin is so sensitive that a cold matress feels really damp. Not to mention how I sometimes keep feeling like I'm going to die of posioning, such as my mouth drying up, headaches and shivering really bad.

See you later. My body awaits a new cold.