Monday, March 31, 2008

Eyes-a-popping Joe

Oh my god.

See that fella on the left? That's me, during the only shot I had at acting. I played the main character of a film my sister was working on when she was studying media at college way back in 2004, called "Eyes-a-Popping Joe". Not sure what exactly it was about, but I think it was about this guy trying to warn a young girl [played by my younger sister] that she's gonna get run over by a car. Apparently it was supposed to be a surreal film.

Filming it was quite an experience. It was shot at the beginning of 2004 during the winter, and god only knows how cold it was while I was clad in a thin back cloak, the slipperiest shoes I've ever worn, a hat, and two of those goggly eyes from one of those bouncy eyes glasses things from the joke shops. I had to walk all the way to the park like this, carrying the props with me which made my arms ache right into the next week.

It was then a long day of sitting on the damp grass and playing my parts, where I have a tea party with Jesus [played by my sister's friend, who's female BTW] and try to suffocate the young girl with a pillow. Man, the laughs we had due to our poor acting, but eh, no-one else would do it. The final result was a ten minute film with some weird colour effects and a Billy Idol song at the end. You should see the damn out-takes, they're quite hilarious.

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