Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming soon from StaceyW Arts

Good evening. I finally started work on my portfolio site. Very early stuff so far, and for some reason CSS has become easy again. I've not come up with a name for this site yet, but one thing's for sure, a dog looking very much like my own will be its official mascot.

Blimey, the difference setting things to higher resolutions makes! And studying photos, Jessie doesn't really sit still for long enough when I'm drawing her. I'm currently painting this sketch up in Painter and it'll be used somewhere on the site for decoration. Thing is though I'm still trying to get my head around how blending and painting works in Painter, I still haven't found a brush I'm most comfortable with.

The site will showcase only the very best of my art. How much of that I haven't figured out yet, but either way this won't be launched until 2009.

Now if only everything I do these day doesn't hurt my back.

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