Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I'm really surprised that the snow we had on Monday hasn't completely melted yet. It's been so bitterly cold, thank god I have this heater to take place of the crappy radiator in here. Even more so, I'm surprised I'm still actually drawing, despite freezing my socks off and virtually living on toast at the moment.

Just to be safe, I have officially discontinued use of my old scanner. Thankfully my new digital camera that I got for Christmas can spill the beans on what I've been working on.

Fanart based on a very good Wii game going by Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. I actually started this last week, and have been doing it little by little, because colours that accidentally run into each other while wet don't really make a happy painting. Bigger brushes don't half make a difference when doing such large areas though. More WIP shots are on the way.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Wow, stunning painting, love the lighting on Wario and his grin. Really need to beat that game sometime.

Snow hasn't quite melted here yet either in the back garden. Not that I've been out in it as I've been down with the flu the last few days.

Stacey Wheeler said...

I've already beaten the game, just got the missions to do now. Passing levels without taking damage yay! While we're still on about Wario, did you see videos of the newest WarioWare [Utsusu Made in Wario] yet?

Aww man sorry. I feel kinda bad since I seem to have been the only one that hasn't got flu yet. o,o I bet I will though. Hope you're feeling better.

The GagaMan(n) said...

The Flu is starting to disappear now, though it appaers my mum has it now instead! =E

That new Wario game sound interesting, especially the part about making your own micro games. That's gonna be crazy. Only thing now is to see if I should wait for the DSi to come out seeing as i still haven't jumped in on the whole DS scene. I'm aware I'm missing out on a lot but I don't tend to play handhelds much.