Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to basics

The old template and title had to go, it gets ever so rusty after a while. So what have I been up to the past three months?

First of all, I turned 22 years old in April. Wasn't really anything special, what with the credit crunch and everything, but certainly not the worst. I got a good amount of birthday money and put most of it to good use. Nearly a month later, we spent one whole day at Thorpe Park, where we gave one of the latest rides, Saw, a whirl...whoa man, that was so wicked!

However, a week before the day out, I made the tough decision to pack up the voluntary work at the charity shop. I felt that my general life would hardly improve if I carried on for much longer, and in turn, I landed a job in a library within the borough. As of now I've yet to start, and I'd had just sent my medical and criminal record forms away. Only time will tell about my luck with this.

Regarding art, I pretty much struggled, I'll have to admit, again. I have a feeling that I'm not improving at all, and a part of me wants to blame video games. Another part wants to thank them though, because I think that even if you're only drawing WarioWare related doodles, you're still drawing, and any drawing is healthy, right? When I'm not drawing such scribbles, I'm attempting animals, as seen below.

That's the cat next door, and he's a cheeky sod. He dreams of coming in our house one day to eat my dog's food, but he'll never get in when Jessie's about.

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