Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh Dear...

In case you're wondering, that's supposed to be Will Young. And yes, it's an old college work from 2003/4 I found hidden under my bunk bed. For this project my class had to rip up bits of greyscale paper or newspaper and stick them down to form a depiction of a famous person, using different tones at the same time. I'm not a fan of much of his music [in fact, at the time, the radio used to play 'Leave Right Now' so much it was totally doing my head in], but I chose Will Young because my sisters were, and I thought it'd be some dedication to them.

As the photo suggests, this was done on a massive A1 sheet of paper, so you can just about imagine how long this took, what with the little pieces of paper and all. I made the background - which was made of pieces of old schoolbook covers - just to make it look better. But that face! Jesus, I didn't even make the nose, because I was too lazy too. So as a result it freaked my sisters out a little. Also, he looks like he's got a fat neck.

But meh, that college course was rather school-like, so we didn't create much more than catalogue collages, Photoshop filter abuse and papier mache things. But then, at least those things were practical, which was what I think art courses should totally be, rather than stressing out over paper assignments about artists we don't like or have never heard of.

I think I better leave right now before I fall any deeper into embarrassment...

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