Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today was a dark day for my artistic world.

A week ago I was in my sister's room when I took one of my Duckula novels to read in. I then had the idea of illustrating that book, so I drew Nanny dancing to music that sounded so bad to Duckula that he begged her to turn it off. Days later, I got to colouring it with Copic markers along with watercolours and colour pencils. After taking this photo, I was almost done, it had a background and everything.

Then I left it overnight, on the floor. While I was a sleep, I heard the sound of a cat vomiting - that cat being a cat we're looking after for someone - and I thought he was dying then. So I turned the light on, looked around...and there it was. A BIG puddle of watery cat vom all over my artwork. And man, was I pissed off? This was something I did NOT need at quarter to seven in the morning! I had to throw it away, much to my sadness.

Of all places the cat had to vomit, he had to do it there. Maybe it was because I kept pushing him away because he was getting too close and stepping all over it while I was working on it. So now I know - NEVER leave or make artworks in a room with uncaged animals. My only choice now is to remake it...perhaps better it even.

This however cheered me up.

I've been chosen as a featured artist on Photo Lucidity, which is a new photography site related to Fanart-Central. This means that the photo of Jess I have there will be on the front page for all of this month. It's not long been up, but damn, I feel honoured to be seen like this! And my little dog Jessie is a star!

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