Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm cold...

I don't know how I've become like this, but I seem to get really cold so easily, despite being clad in one of the warmest pyjamas I have, and having socks on. I do have a radiator right next to me, but I don't have it on in case it gets too hot in here. And I can barely be arsed to put my dressing gown on. So yeah, I'm kinda bringing this on myself, but who do I get so cold in the first place? It's March already and it's supposed to be getting warmer.

I guess I just don't feel at my best these days. I really miss my older sister since I hadn't heard from her in almost a month, I had a PMT triggered tantrum the other week because I couldn't get home in time to tape Harry Hill [which I did in the end thanks to a repeat], and I've barely been able to go out since if I ever get a £20 note it's spent faster than I can type the next paragraph.

While I did manage to get that Ducktales DVD at last, within the past two weeks I decided to try herbal tea. First I had a go at green tea, which is pretty much like normal tea but without the milk and sugar. Then last Friday I tried nettle tea. Not bad actually, but it does taste strange. It's supposed to have iron in along with loads of other nutrients, since my mum thinks I get anaemia. I haven't noticed any of the benefits kicking in yet though...maybe it's to keep drinking it more or perhaps not using boiling hot water. I would have thought it'd be expensive, but I got my box of 25 for just £1.05, not bad at all!

I really feel the need to take a good long break from computing, but what will I do within the time? Everything on the internet just annoys or upsets me and I feel so snappy and miserable. Life outside the internet is so boring because I have no job and I'm barely given any chores to do, neither do I have much money to take myself somewhere a bit nice than Romford. I guess that's what happens when you live on a maximum of £20 a month in benefits since I can't find a job that's suitable for me.

Ugh, and I feel a headache coming on now...

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