Thursday, March 01, 2007

Keep on Spinnin'!

So much for my Youtube rant when I find things like this.

You've probably seen me go on and on about this all the time, but here's why.

I can think of about three times when this whole ITV schools on 4 thing used to scare the complete shit out of me. First was when I was just a wee girl in infant school, aged about 6 - so the class I was in were sent to the main hall one day to watch Time for Maths, which was an equally scary CGI programme which was set in a farm. I can remember a scene from this which involved a spider so bloody clearly!

But what else I can remember clearly was when I first saw the "ITV" rotomotion...everything from the music to its plain 3D creepiness had me trying to avert my entire face, but it was only when the clock came on...I actually screamed and tried to run out of school! I only made it through half the corridor when I was caught by a teacher, taken back to the hall and then made to watch the programme.

Act 2 took place a year later, when I started year 3, and they still had tapes they recorded within the time ITV Schools on 4 had run. This time, we were taken to an upstairs room and made to watch what I think was Believe it or Not - well, it was definately a programme about religions, since I can definately remember it being about Sihks. And you know what happened? The 3D clock came on, and yes, I freaked out again. My teacher even rewinded it to see if it was that I was reacting so badly to. I spent the rest of the lesson with my eyes closed and ears plugged. God knows what my teachers must have made of both these "incidents".

After Easter in that year - 1994 - I had to be sent to another school, where I had to be in the special unit for since my old school couldn't figure out why I was being such a retard with everything, not just ITV schools. Act 3 actually didn't involve the CGI graphics, as they were long gone by the time I moved into that school. But the memory I kept still caused silliness when we were made to watch school programmes.

Instead of the roto and the clock, there was just a picture of what the programme was going to be about [in this case, Ancient Egypt], and a simple number countdown. Thinking that the clock would still appear, I just simply couldn't stand to watch the TV, so I was sent to a table where I did the same eyes-closed ears-blocked thing as I did last time. Not only did that kept me in late after the day ended, it also costed me a trip to the British Museum.

Later I was then finally reassured when I actually tolerated an episode of Science Start Here, and saw no sign of the dreaded CGI.

It's funny when you think of one thing so differently now than when you were a kid. Mind you, I didn't like anything 3D when I was little - I didn't like the Herbs, Morph, Huxley Pig and lots of other things that were 3D. Nowadays I just laugh it off and watch it like it doesn't scare me at all.

And another thing - I know why it is now, but back at the time I used to wonder why in bleeding hell there was a huge ITV thing on Channel 4! This whole thing is almost 20 years old now, and to celebrate, I'm planning to make a remix of Just a Minute, the song that was used in the clock. Because I'm uncool like that.

And to reassure myself, I wasn't the only one.

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