Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Joys of eBaying

One night, my dad decided to get me to look up some Beswick dog statues on eBay, which my mum obsessivly collects. We decided to go for a 'Dalmation' dog, and by the time it was in its last few minutes, other people were bidding like crazy for it. I managed to win it fortunately, after about 13 bids, and after a few emails my mum sent the cheque over (my parents don't like the idea of Paypal, so they have to send cheques over.

This here is the first dog I won.

Sweet, isn't it? My mum has a whole cupboard of dogs in the front room. Thing is though the bid went up to £26.50, and including postage and packaging, my dad had to pay £31 for it in total.

And just about half hour ago, I won this dog as well.

I've yet to get this one paid for, the price didn't shoot up as much as that other dog and it's going to cost us £8.50 - I don't know the full amount yet.

Oh yes, then there's this I've bid for myself, I don't think I could ever find any of that other art around on the Internet...I might as well, it was only 99p to start with, and I add just a penny to the top bid! And still, to have James Pond on a T-Shirt would be SO cool!

It'd be so nice if there were more to James Pond things on eBay than just the videogames.

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