Sunday, November 06, 2005

When an Atheist comes to a Baptism...

What a lovely time I had today. I had to go to my cousin's son's Christening.

Dressed in a long violet skirt, a purple-blue top and purple 'Arabian' shoes, with my hair straightened, but my face having makeup on, which I really hate, I arrived with the family to the church where the baptism was taking place at about fifteen minutes before 3 o'clock, the time of the baptism.

When we were all allowed in, after waiting a few minutes in the freezing cold rain, I was surpised about the huge number of people already inside the church. Apparently 2 other children - another baby boy and a young girl - were to be baptised at the same time as my cousin's son, Bradley.

After the speech of the priest, Bradley was baptised first, and he actually took it well, as did the girl who seemed to be at least 5 years older than him. The other boy, who seemed to be a couple of months younger than Bradley, did cry I think, we all definately heard crying while he was being baptised, but he seemed to be OK afterwards. I could barely see all this because my younger sister - Bradley's godmother - was in the way.

I don't like being involved with religious occasions. At such times, I get the feeling that as an atheist I don't belong around lots of Christians. I don't like having to read the hymn book and sing them, which fortunately we didn't do, but we still had to read the Baptism part of the services book today.

The buffet that followed was a tedious four hours. Luckily my mum cooked and took some of my special sausage rolls over which I had away, as well as a few bits of salad and quorn 'ham' deli. Eating tomatoes gave my tounge the usual burning senstation, while the piece of baguette I had near the end could have made me lose my teeth!

At the end of the buffet I was desperate to go home. My younger cousin's girlfriend was somewhat addicted to dancing to the Pussycat Dolls' song 'Don't Cha?' (one of the worst songs to top the UK charts this year), which played for about four times in a row. It was so annoying, as was my drunken dad. When we dropped off my sister's friend at her house, my dad wouldn't come out of the car, but just piss about.

So wasn't THAT bad was it...

Also this week...

  • I checked up on the BBC New Animation webpage to sadly find that my animation, Perry the Puff which I entered 2 months ago, was not in the final 12. I was very disappointed by this at the time, because I spent a very long time working on it, and I felt like it was all for nothing. However, I learned a LOT during production. I know a lot more about Flash than I did when I started the project, and I'm willing to learn more of it. I'm thinking about producing a sequel to the Wad Bandits episode I made.
  • I had to wait till about 2AM on the other night for my parents to stop partying downstairs. It was my mum's neighbour friend's birthday that night, and I'm assuming that a LOT of alcohol was consumed between them from the hangover my parents had the following morning. As soon as I got myself into bed, they stopped their karaoke. GREAT timing!
  • Last night I was round a friend's house to watch some fireworks. But instead of the fireworks, which were too close for me to see them since they have too small a garden, I stayed inside and watched parts of a few movies - Team America, SpongeBob SquarePants movie and Watership Down - my friend was more interested in the fireworks, so I was on my own in their front room watching the movies on their HUGE plasma screen. They had a kind of digital TV that I never heard of before, and lots of different channels, including Filmfour where I watched Watership Down. And due to the other two movies being played on the Front Row channels, I got to see the vomit scene in Team America twice. There wasn't a lot for me to eat there, so my mum just gave me some bread and a bowl of beans. After the films, I had a go at WarioWare Touched on my friend's DS.
So there.

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