Thursday, November 23, 2006

Freak crosses

Presenting something that's a bit older than my first Rayman fanarts...


The Tweenies as "rock" stars. This is one of many freak artworks I've done over the past god knows how many years. I don't know how I ever came about with this one, but one thing's for sure I had fun. Milo [purple] is Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, Fizz [yellow] is Marylin Manson, Jake [orange] is Corey from Slipknot [I didn't know his name back then so I just called him "Jake the freak"], and Bella [blue] is the rather cold Alanis Morrissette drummer. My sister coloured this in for me - I loved how she gave Milo all those yucky tattoos on his arms... This was from 2001 as it says, but this ain't the only freak crossover I've done...

Now what the FUCK was I thinking?? Well it's basically James Pond characters going as characters from the Mega Drive game Phantasy Star III, an RPG that despite the poor graphics, sucked me in. You know, when you can't stop playing it. Pond himself is Rhys, Angel Fish [the girl] is Mieu, and Finnius is Wren. What happened was that during my old 'seismic-saffya' days on DeviantART I was in a Sega club where they had a contest about crossing over 2 Sega games. It took me a while to realise that James Pond didn't count because of the other consoles the series was on, like Amiga and SNES. I didn't enter anyway, nor did I finish it.

Most recently was this.
Yes, it's Engie Benjy in Metal Slug attire...well, it's supposed to be anyway. You see, after "accidently" seeing it years ago and in recent days, I saw that this guy treats everything as an emergency, whether someone can't open a jar or a spaceship needs new shoes... Besides Boohbah this is one of the most whacked out things to ever be on TV...whatever possessed Bridget Appleby into creating it I don't know. So I though why now cross this with Metal Slug?

Wait, since when did I liked Metal Slug? Well, that was from earlier this year when a few friends of mine got me to play Metal Slug 3 on a CPS2 emulator [kinda like MAME or something]. It really was a good game I must say, it ran so smoothly and it was awesome making a zombie version of your player spew blood as a weapon! I even did a picture of Engie doing that, but I never finished.

Stay tuned for more strange artwork from me...if I ever find it.

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