Monday, January 01, 2007

Wow, 2007 already

Really and truly I should be updating this more. There was hardly anything worth noting here throughout 2006, so hopefully this year will be more interesting.

Changed the colours to that of the Count Duckula blog so this one can go alongside as a sort of "general life" blog. Of course I have Livejournal and Deviantart, but there I just make short ramblings, hehe. Perhaps now that I know quite a bit of CSS and HMTL I should go and really pimp them all up.

Well today I seem to look more ill than everybody else here, and I haven't even touched just one drop of alcohol! Mind, it's only because I was up till about half past three last night and I ended up waking almost two hours ago. Sucks to be StaceyW I suppose. Those "disco lights" and the loud music downstairs were doing my head right in.

I think in recent times my body and mind have spiralled out of control, and really and truly I should do something about it. Getting to sleep is literally a nightmare in itself and my skin is so sensitive that a cold matress feels really damp. Not to mention how I sometimes keep feeling like I'm going to die of posioning, such as my mouth drying up, headaches and shivering really bad.

See you later. My body awaits a new cold.

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