Sunday, January 07, 2007


I think I can hear my dog crying again.

My little mutt had her womb and ovaries removed on Friday, and at times she has to wear one of those cone collars...well, she doesn't even like having ANY collar on, let alone a veterinary one. All she does when she wears it is cry for the attention to have it taken off. She only has to wear it for eight days from now.

Man...if anything, I could really do with a total rearrangement in my room, now that I have it for my own. I have SO much stuff - CDs, games, VHSs, DVDs, books and magazines etc - yet I just don't know where to put it all! For the moment I've shoved all my VHSs under my bed, moved my little table nearer to the window where the lightbulb actually is, and made just a start in cleaning up my wardrobe. I'd love to have a nice new working desk to make my artwork on, and maybe some more shelves to store all my old sketchbooks in.

Oh I've been listening to Enya an awful lot in recent days. It's such beautiful music I couldn't leave my iPod alone, hehehe. I bought the Watermark album last week - the one with the ever classic Orinoco Flow - but the Memory of Trees album which a friend sent me on Christmas Day is my absolute favourite, next to the Celts which I downloaded. I just love the haunting vocals and the ambience, and how they're sung in all kinds of languages [including made-up ones]. Makes a change to the heavy symphonic metal I used to listen to I suppose.

I'm after a number of DVDs as well, such as Trap Door, SpongeBob SquarePants season 2, and Look Around You 2, and looking forward to the future releases of Ducktales and Count Duckula season 2.

I'm hungry. I'd whip myself a nice spring onion sandwich, but I used my last one!

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