Friday, January 12, 2007


My ears are literally on fire. It's no fun being a music fan and having earphones constantly plugged in each day therefore causing ear infections. I've been getting these in both ears for almost two years now. It's funny, ever since my right one became deaf it's been more prone to getting infected than it did before then.

The weather here's been rather mad too. Yesterday I went down to town to get presents and cards for my mother and sister, whose birthdays are within the next 4 days. The wind was terrible, and the second I walked out of the door, I yelled "Jesus Christ!" while rain was splashing all over me. Still, I got to the bus stop, and it was a good thing I had enough pound coins! The bus fares have shot up to two pounds now, and on my way home I went on the wrong bus! Gah!

Well it's still very windy out there right now. A surefire way to keep me from sleeping, along with both my parents having televisions on.

The next week should be slightly different, what with all the birthdays and all. I hope my sister likes the card I drew for her before Christmas.

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