Monday, January 15, 2007

Changes and that

First off, if anyone out here's got me in their RSS, sorry about the crazy posting. I've decided to merge my personal blog [Robocoddess] into this one, so I can post both personal stuff and art here. That eventually meant the termination of Robocoddess sadly. I've decided to look into this layout's code as well and changed a few colours, fancy stuff may follow soon.

Far as the real life is concerned, well my sister and her boyfriend came down for the weekend, because tomorrow she's turning 21. It was my mother's birthday yesterday, so what better time to celebrate? Well it wasn't much more than a not-so-posh buffet thing. Didn't eat much other than the cake. And for some reason, I was eating pineapple when my tounge went all tingly and horrible...kind of worse than what tomatoes do. I'm still feeling it a tiny little bit. Man, never reacted this badly to pineapple before!

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