Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday we had quite a blanket of snow.

Above here is a rather rubbish attempt at joining a panoramic of nearby park which I went down yesterday morning to take some snow shots. Snow really doesn't last long in this part of the country, so I thought I'd might as well go and make the most of it while my other was away. Trouble is though while there were some things I really wanted to photograph, my camera had run out of battery.

So I ended up walking over the place hoping for the camera to gain a little bit of energy back. I then stopped and looked over at the brook under the bridge, watching its gentle flow below me. After that, my camera was still flat so I decided to go to the empty basketball course and build a snow Duckula [see my Duckula blog for more on that]. Oh boy. As I didn't have gloves on my hands were so cold that I couldn't turn my front door key to open the front door.

I'm surprised that I didn't get ill after all this.

Oh, and I got another commission the other day.

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